The management of a virtual or a dedicated hosting server is different than that of an ordinary shared web hosting account, therefore if you need a hosting server of your own for content or offline programs, you may run into challenges which you have not faced before. All system tasks on a shared hosting machine are handled by the host company, but if you have your own server, these tasks are something you have to cope with. In the event that a process freezes for some reason, for instance, or if the overload on the hosting machine increases tremendously, you'll have to take measures to restore the proper operation of the machine. Doing that may be a challenge if you have never managed a server before and you do not have much experience, so if that is the case, you may use the Managed Services upgrade that we provide. Along with other admin tasks, you'lldiscover a Monitoring & Rebooting service inside the package, so our administrators can keep an eye on your machine 24/7 and restart it if needed.

Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS Web Hosting

If you add the Managed Services upgrade to any of the VPS web hosting services we supply and so long as it is active for your account, our system administrators will monitor your hosting machine at all times. Many automatic checks overseeing different system processes willalso be added, therefore in case any issue presents itself, our well-trained staff is going to be notified right away and will work on your server until the issue is resolved. If for reasons uknown the virtual server runs out of memory or some process freezes, they'll examine what caused the issue and will then restart the hosting server to restore all system processes and the proper operation of any website or offline application which you have on the machine. With this service you'll not need to monitor your VPS all the time or pay for expensive third-party services from other companies that can inform you about a problem, but are unable to resolve it.

Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers Hosting

It shall take you several clicks to include the Managed Services package to the dedicated servers hosting plan you have chosen and our experienced group of admins will begin monitoring the machine closely to ensure that it is up and running properly all the time. Numerous automated checks will also be included, so they'll be aware of any problem the minute it appears. High Processor load, an application using a lot of memory or a system process which has stopped responding are only a few good examples of the problems we can keep an eye for and resolve once the reason for their appearance is determined. When necessary, the dedicated hosting server shall also be restarted, so you won't need to do anything whatsoever on your end. With this service you won't have to pay to third-party monitoring organizations which can only alert you if anything goes wrong but don't have the access to resolve an issue.