An electronic mailing list is a collection of email addresses that can receive the exact same e-mail message simultaneously. If an email is sent to the particular email address associated with the list, for instance –, it is redirected automatically to all the email addresses which are included in that list. This option will enable you to contact subscribers without effort, so you can send out notifications or any other information on a regular basis to all of your customers. Depending on the app that is being used to manage the mailing list, email addresses can be added manually by the list’s admin or users need to sign up, giving their categorical approval to receive emails in the future. A mailing list will save you lots of time and will allow you to remain in touch with your customers with ease, which can boost the reputation of your site.

Mailing Lists in Cloud Website Hosting

In case you have a cloud website hosting with us and you’d like to create an Internet mailing list, it will take no more than one minute and a couple of clicks to do that. You can add and remove mailing lists through the Email Manager tool, which is part of our custom Hepsia Control Panel. During the process, you’ll be able to choose the mailbox that will be used to send out email messages to your mailing list subscribers and the admin email address and password that you will use, so as to be able to configure a variety of settings, to approve and delete mailing list subscribers, etc. You can change the administrative info whenever you want from the same part of the Control Panel. We employ Majordomo, a powerful and popular mailing list management software, which will grant you full control over the daily e-correspondence with your subscribers.

Mailing Lists in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The Email Manager tool, which is integrated into our Hepsia Control Panel, will allow you to configure multiple electronic mailing lists if you host your domains in a semi-dedicated server account with our company. Setting up a new mailing list is truly easy – you will only need to enter an admin email address and pass and the email address from which your messages will be sent to the mailing list subscribers, and then to save them. Using the user-friendly Email Manager, you can also remove active mailing lists in case you no longer want them. Using straightforward controls, you will be able to view a list of all the subscribers for a specific mailing list, to approve new subscription requests, to remove subscribers, etcetera. The mailing list management software that we make use of is called Majordomo and it includes quite a lot of features, that you can access and edit.